Our initiative to bring the cost to learn drift down. By hosting it in big group, everyone share the running costs together hence reducing the cost per person.

Date: 17th August 2024
Venue: APDCREW Circuit Jalan MARDI, Mardi, 43400 Serdang, Selangor.
Maximum Capacity: 12 pax
Time Slot Available:
10am - 12pm
12pm - 2pm
2pm - 4pm
4pm - 6pm
Cost: RM 1,800 Per Person

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  • We Trained more than 200 Students

    Since year 2023 through Cargasm Drift Academy.

  • Drifting now made affordable

    We can host private one to one class and group class. By hosting group class we can cut down cost since others will be sharing cost with you.

  • We are Competitive Drifters

    We don't just coach, we also constantly compete so that we can bring our knowledge on the track to you.

Beginner Course


We will kick off our first class to share with you:
1. How to initiate drift
2. Steering Control
3. How to maintain drift
4. Drift gear and Safety
5. How to set up a drift car

Depending on your progress, we can teach you Figure 8 as well if time permits.

Join Group Drift Class
  • Drift Cars

    Don't worry about car, let us take care of that for you. You just have to come and enjoy learning and drifting on that day.

  • Instructors and Crews

    Our instructors will be there to guide you from zero, even if you're not familiar with manual transmission, we are here to guide you. Crews will be here to assist with car maintenance as well.

  • Tyres

    We'll prepare more than enough tyres so that you can enjoy without worries.

  • Bear

    Pro Drifter, Participant of D1GP Malaysia 2023. Rookie of the Year in NDS GP 2023.

  • Wing

    Pro Drifter, 2nd Place in NDS Lites Pro-Am Round 4, Overall Podium in NDS Lites 2023 Pro-Am and Novice Category.

  • Wei Shern

    International Pro Drifter, Winner of NDS GP 2022, Top 32 in Oman International Drift Championship 2023.

  • Wei Khang

    Pro-Am Drifter, 1st Place in NDS Lites Novice Round 2, 2nd Runner up in NDS Lites Pro-Am Round 2.

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  • Drifting is FUN!

    Many Drift Enthusiasts were inspired by movies, games and anime. It's cool, it's exciting and it's really fun when you can control your car like none others.

  • Safety

    When you can control your car sideways, you'd know better what to do or what not to do when something happens on the public road. What would you do when your car slips while cornering on a wet road?

  • Drift Community

    Drifting is even more fun when you can enjoy with a group of people with the same interest. Don't worry, we will bring you around to meet local and international drifters once we start joining events!

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